Dec 28, 2013

About Steve & Katey, the new Inn Keepers

A few words about the Innkeepers…Steve and Katey have discovered that the very best thing about hospitality is the guests!  They love meeting new and interesting people every week, (and seeing previous guests return), first time guests are just friends that haven’t been met yet!


Steve’s previous experience as an hotelier made for a natural transition to innkeeper.  Starting as a bellman near the Old Sturbridge Village with a progressive hotel career through Florida, North Carolina and Boston – General Managing and being responsible for a group of first class properties are the foundation that makes being The Bernerhof Inn Innkeeper a natural and comfortable fit! 


Check on some path’s you’ve travel upon with Steve and find some time to see how connections and friends may just overlap with your own!

Katey’s love of helping people with her massage and wellness training are just two traits that day in and day out make the Bernerhof Inn experience that more special.  Her warm and thoughtful approach to the guest experience drawn upon her background in Spa ownership and hands-on massage therapy provided to Inn guests as well.  Katey hand selected the recipes and beverage mixes that make the food experience so special: her catering management background combines with a healthy and organic dish choice at every seating The Bernerhof Inn! 


You will encounter Gabby: the resident hostess and dining assistant throughout your stay and be sure to say hello to John and Luke the Bellmen-in-Training boys…all three family members make a special team at the Bernerhof Inn with real New England Hospitality at the center of everything they do!

Holly the family dog does not free roam the inn, however she loves taking those guests who want to be led through the Bernerhof Walking Trails on a guided tour.  She walks ahead and waits until Guests catch up and leads the way with her bouncing one year old energy anyone envies!  Ask for Holly if you want to get some canine loving time in while visiting!


Come rest, relax and be pampered while you enjoy the good country life here at The Bernerhof Inn.