About the Innkeepers


Jeremiah and Lisseth Berman developed their love for hospitality through their own international travels.  They were married in Lisseth’s homeland, Peru, where Jeremiah lived for three years.  During this time he was self-employed, teaching English as a Second Language, working as a tour guide, and doing professional voice-overs.  Six months after getting married Jeremiah and Lisseth moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, not far from Jeremiah’s hometown of Rye, New Hampshire, where they pursued “traditional” careers of sales/web design and engineering, respectively.  After a few years theybegan to realize that spending their lives sitting behind desks was not for them.  They were looking for more meaning from their work and their lives. 


This desire to be more engaged in life is what inspired them to start their volunteer organization, Abroaden, with the mission to inspire other people to take an active part in the world around them.  Abroaden facilitates international experiences where participants can create positive change in areas of need and learn of the similarities that unite all of the world’s people. Through their work with Abroaden they began to realize how much international travel can broaden one’s perspective.  Therefore, they decided to sell all their belongings and booked one-way tickets to Europe.  With nothing but their suitcase and their puppy dog named Paco, the intrepid travelers wandered about Europe without an itinerary, landing wherever the wind blew them and trusting fate to guide their way.  Their lodging while in Europe was people’s homes. Throughout this experience they stayed in dozens of homes, met hundreds of people, and began to understand what hospitality was all about. 


Upon returning from Europe, Jeremiah and Lisseth lived in Boston, where they started to take stock on everything they had learned in the previous six years.  They are both natural born entrepreneurs who love the hospitality industry, so it didn’t take them long to decide that their dream was to own their own small inn.  For Jeremiah, the location of their inn was a slam-dunk decision. The Mount Washington Valley was his playground from youth, as this is where his family spent their vacations.  So three months after landing back in the United States, Jeremiah and Lisseth moved to North Conway where fate led them to the Bernerhof Inn Bed and Breakfast.