A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School

Located at the Bernerhof Inn Bed and Breakfast
342 U.S. 302 Glen, NH 03838
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“Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. - Julia Childs

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Julia Childs loved to tell audiences “when I was 32 I learned to cook, up until then I just ate…” Life is too short to “just eat”. If you’re not already one, become a foodie at the Taste of the Mountains Cooking School at the Bernerhof Inn in Mt Washington Valley, NH. If you are a foodie, you know what it means to learn from the kitchen masters. Taste of the Mountains Cooking School instructors are local and visiting chefs all continuing the tradition of the Inn's Culinary School Classes over the years.  Consult the calendar and our list of enticing New Hampshire cooking classes then book your spot today.


A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School, Bernerhof InnA Taste of the Mountains is a unique cooking school tucked away in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Each three hour hands-on cooking class focuses on in a seasonal cuisine or technique making at-home cooks into chefs and entertainers extraordinaire. Each class includes:

  • 3-hour hands-on instruction taught by top New England chefs
  • All recipes from the menu for that day
  • A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School apron
  • Food tasting
  • Wine, Beer or Iced Tea to accompany meal
  • Photo with your Chef/Instructor
  • Diploma for your courses taught (non-accredited)


It all takes place at the beautifully restored Bernerhof Inn B&B in Glen, NH. Guests of A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School will combine a getaway with a gourmet experience and take home a wonderful collection of recipes, new skills, and a few gifts from us too.

Steven RaichlenA Taste of the Mountains Cooking School has a New Hampshire legacy. It was first conceived in 1981 in collaboration with Chef Steven Raichlen, a classically trained, multi-award winning chef, author, journalist, cooking teacher and TV host. Chef Raichlen, a five-time James Beard award-winner for his cookbooks. The Bernerhof Inn is honored that Steven is a part of the prestigious history of A Taste of the Mountains and the author of our first cookbook A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School Cookbook, which was his first of many.

In addition to the hands-on cooking classes A Taste of the Mountains offers wine classes and private cooking parties. Classes cover subjects from cooking basics to intensive Boot Camps as well as seasonal, couples cooking, clean eating, gluten-free cooking and cooking with kids classes, among others. Most attend the cooking schools not to change professions but to eat vast quantities of fabulous food, to add to their repertoire of cooking skills, enjoy great wines, and to take pleasure in the Mt Washington Valley of New Hampshire.

  Email the Innkeeper to inquire about any class you may wish to have to host your private culinary expedition with friends!  A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School there’s surely a course to interest you. Please check out our Upcoming Classes and contact Innkeeper Steve TODAY!

Upcoming Group Cooking Classes


A Taste of the Mountains Cooking Schoolschedules numerous cooking classesyear-round.
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Private Cooking Classes


Create Your Own Private Cooking Class

Looking to get creative in the kitchen on your own terms? Tell us what you'd like to learn, grab a group of your friends and give Steffani a call. We will pick a date, create a menu and make it happen! Our fun, expert private chefs at A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School are professionally trained in a wide variety of cuisines and techniques, including baking, grilling, making sauces and stocks, cooking seafood, and many other cuisines, and can really liven up the party with an interactive cooking class limited only to your imagination.

Your Private Cooking Class includes:

  • 3+ hours of fun and memorable, hands-on cooking
  • A Taste of the Mountains apron
  • All recipes for the day's creations
  • Food to eat during class (often there is plenty to take home)
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
  • 2 glasses of wine or beer

So, grab a group of friends to create a fun and educational foodtastic experience.

Pricing starts at $95/per person. Minimum of 6 people.

Contact Innkeeper Steve now at Stay@BernerhofInn.com

Meet the Chefs

Steffani Adaska, A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School Chef Steffani Adaska
Chef Steffani Adaska oversees the day to day operations of A Taste of The Mountains. Steffani began her culinary career in New Jersey at the age of 13 and has run several kitchens and catering businesses in NJ, NY and AZ. More about Chef Adaska...
Kendra Stanley, A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School Chef Kendra Stanley
Kendra is a native of NH. She is a graduate of the highly regarded Balsam’s Culinary Apprenticeship Program, an intense 3½ year culinary program know for delivering top chefs. Chef Stanley earned two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in competitions while attending the Balsam’s program.  More about Chef Stanley...
Jonathan Spaks, A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School

Chef Jonathan Spaks

Chef Jonathan Spak & his wife moved to the Mount Washington Valley in 2007 from CT. A graduate of Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Jonathan and his wife were able to realize their dream of owning their own inn & restaurant when they purchased The Oxford House Inn in Fryeburg, Maine.  More about Chef Spaks...

Chef Gary Sheldon

Chef Gary Sheldon, CEC AAC ACE HGT
Chef Sheldon brings 48 years of Culinary experience to his job as Corporate Executive Chef of Sysco Foodservice, Northern New England. He is a Certified Executive Chef and one of only 700 members of the ACF Honor society American Academy of Chefs.  More about Chef Sheldon...
Bryant Alden, A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School Chef Bryant Alden, CEC
Executive Chef and Co-Proprietor, The Chef's Market.  Bryant Alden was born and raised on Cape Cod, MA. As a child he got his passion for cooking from his grandmother who cooked for affluent families who summered on the Cape.  More about Chef Alden...
Josh Farrington, A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School Chef Josh Farrington
Chef Josh Farrington is the innovative Executive Chef of the White Mountain Hotel & Resort. Chef Josh is the distinguished winner of the ACF's “Chef's Pentathlon" competition in 2010 and was chosen “Chef of the Year” the chapter in 2012.  More about Chef Farrington...
Bud Selmi, A Taste of the Mountains Cooking School Bud Selmi, CSC
Bud became a Certified Sous Chef (CSC) through the American Culinary Federation (ACF) in. He was the Executive Chef at the Eagle Mountain House, in Jackson, NH a "Historic Hotel of America" for 5 years. In 1999 Bud was awarded the American Culinary Federations New Hampshire Chapter's "Chef of the Year" award.  More about Chef Selmi...