The Freedom Village

Freedom! The word strikes a patriotic cord in all our hearts as the image of a red, white, and blue banner waving in the wind dances through our minds. This is the scene that the founders of Freedom, NH must have envisioned when they bestowed a name upon their quaint country village.


Room Description (Country Room): The Bernerhof Inn, taking the lead from our forefathers, drew upon this very same picture when designing The Freedom Village. Here, history blends seamlessly with modernization, as a beautiful tea-dyed quilt rests on a queen-sized iron bed and faces a flat screen TV. However, we have decided to leave the outhouses in the past and equipped you with a private tiled bath featuring a walk-in shower and a porcelain pedestal sink.  You'll ask for a late checkout and not wish to rush to leave the quintessential original New England feel of our Freedom Village Room. 


Maximum Occupancy is 2 People.  No Children under the age of 12.


Rates: From $119-$199 per night, varies by season

Freedom room