Arrival Times- 4pm to 11pm
Check out Time 11:00 am

Cancelation polocies, 5 days outside your resorvation you will recieve a full refund on your deposit less a 25.00 credit card processing fee. Choose a gift voucher and loose nothing. This voucher never expires and you may also use the voucher on our website to book a room. 5 days inside your resorvation and you forfit your deposit. However to be fair we know life happens so we will be glad to email you a gift voucher for the amount paid less 25.00 for processing. No show or not letting us know atleast 48 hours in advance you cant make your resorvation you forfit your entire deposit. To recieve the gift voucher for any cancelations inside the 5 day window you need to give atleast 48 hours notice to try and fill your room.
In order to confirm a reservation a 50% deposit is required for your total resorvation less the tax. Same day bookings your card will be charged for your full resorvation.
We stoped using any and all 3rd party booking sites. We are a book direct only facility.
NO Children: We are a romantic couple's Inn. No children, We welcome those ages 21+.This is not the apropriate setting for youngsters.
Smoking: We are a non-smoking B&B. We have a strict no-smoking policy in rooms and common areas and will assess a charge of $500 per night for violation of this policy to allow for a complete professional top to bottom cleaning of the guest room We can accommodate smokers in an outside public smoking area by our firepit.
Videos/photographs: Any videos and or photographs of the property IE the bernerhof inn are owned by the bernerhof inn. You must have the property owners written permission and or concent to use and or post photos of the inn anywhere. we do have local artists that display their art for sale inside the inn. you must have their written permision and or concent to use their pictures or videos.
We have a zero disrespect policy for employees and other guests, if your having a bad day or sompthing did not go your way please leave your attitude at the door. Rudeness, disrespect, foul language and attitudes are not tolerated on the property. If you feel the need to act in sutch mannor this is not the place for you. This is a fun loving enviorment, and we strive to meet each guests individual needs.
We are a state of NH regulated licensed facility to sell aocohol at the pub. There for we must comply with the stste of NH liquoir comisioners office. ANY AlCOHOLIC BEVRAGES IN ANY COMON AREAS OF THE INN AND ON THE DECK MUST BE PURCHASED FROM OUR BAR AND PAID FOR AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. WE have to carry a papertrail for the liqour comisions office as they can walk in at any time and request all documents. NH is very strict on this policy and we wont bend the rules. You may drink your own bevrages in the comfort of your room if you so choose to But no further than that Unless you purchase from the black bear pub located inside the Inn.

Check in: Arrival time is 4pm and after. IF your going to be later than 10 pm please let us know so we can make arangments for your later arival, Check Out: Check out time is 11am. Should you wish to leave a little later, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Snowshoeing, iceskating and walking the nature trail is at YOUR OWN RISK. By You making this resorvation it is your responsability of letting your trvel partner and or partners know the use off all equipmwent and games on property are youse at your own risk. We assume no liability for any injurys pertaning to the use of the provided games or equipment provided. Again use of equipment is at your own risk.

While accidents do happen, guests will be financially responsible for damage due to gross negligence.

• Payment for retail items, gift certificates dinner and bar purchases are collected at the time of purchase. We do not do room charges for the pub as they are seperat identitys.

We do not allow dogs at this time. We have a hard time deciding what room to make dog friendley as all the guest rooms are fun and ubique in their own charecter. **********If you are traveling with a service or medical dog All state and doctors aproval needs to be sent over via email 72 hours before your arival. If you dont let us know or "FORGET" The licensing and doctors aproval your stay will be canceled and no refund will be issued.*************

As noted in several areas check in is 3 PM and after. We have very busy scheduels here at the inn. The door does remain locked untill 3pm as we may be out getting suplies for the inn. If your staying with us for several days there is s key fob we provide for you to enter the building at any time during your scheduled stay. We need 48 hours notice in advance for earley check in. please time your travels acordingley if you shall arrive a bit early we will try and acomidate you but no guarantees. If your attending a wedding or function that requires you check in earky to get ready its your responasbility to let us know ao we can plan acordingley to our workload. Lastley all our rooms are uniquley difrent so we cant just put you in another room due to it was reserved by another guest.