By reading and signing your hotel registration card at check-in or by booking a reservation on our website, you are agreeing to abide by all our hotel policies and procedures and accepting all responsibility for the reservation.
In order to confirm a reservation a 50% deposit of stay is processed, or if stay is only one night the entire amount is processed.
Book Direct: We only book direct and no longer take reservations through 3rd party sites.
NO Children: We are a romantic couple's Inn. No children are allowed and we welcome those ages 21+.This is not the apropriate setting for any person under 21.
Smoking: We are a non-smoking B&B. We have a strict no-smoking policy in rooms and common areas and will assess a charge of $500 per night for violation of this policy to allow for a complete professional top to bottom cleaning of the guest room We can accommodate smokers in an outside public smoking area by our firepit.
Cancellation policy:Any cancelations will occur a 25.00 credit card processing fee no matter how far in advance you cancel.
Cancellation Policy:7 days prior to your arival is a 75.00 credit card cancelation fee.If canceling with in the 7 days of your arival you will be charged your deposit.canceling within 48 hours of your arival date you will be charged the full amount of your booking. If we resell your room we will refund your full payment less the 50.00 credit card processing fee. We normaly always sell out in the event we dont you will not recieve a refund.you may also opt into the new worry free bookimg provided by our booking company. please visit their policy at https://www.worryfreebookings.com/resnexus.html. To keep it easy choose to move your resorvation to a later date and we will put your full deposit twords the new arival date and you will loose none of your deposit and not occur any fees.
We are not repomsable for anyones vehicle on the property.
you as the persons in charge of this resorvation acknowledged that you are signing this waiver for anyone in your parties for using the snowshoes and iceskates on property.
If you dont feel comfterble with the eqipment and or not sure what your doing please stay off the ice. This is not the place to learn as we dont have somone on premis to teach you. We are not liable as its well posted and written.
Room guarantee:We do guarantee the room you reserved, in the event there is a leek or uncontrolable issue we will have to move your room as it would not be safe or comfterble in the room you reserved with sutch issues.
We do not refund any currency or "COMP" the room in the event there was a room issue out of our controll we will be mnore than happy to fix the problem.we will also notify you in advance if time allows.all resorvations add a 3.9 percent credit card processing fee.
There is a bar located on property as we do have to keep this licensed.(The state can come un anounced at any time and it happens more than you think.They are not lienient about this at all it is monitord daily on what we purchas and sell.) Per the state of nh all liquor consumed on property must be purchased from the on site bar.

Check in: Arrival time is 4pm and after, NO early check ins at all due to extensive cleaning and sanitation process due to COVID-19 protocols.IF your going to be later than 9 pm please just let us know as we will send you the door code and check in instructions.WE understand you may be attending a wedding or personal event so please let us know 48 hours in advance to acomidate you for this early check in.(As this is your responsability to let us know.) Check Out: Check out time is 11am. Should you wish to leave a little later, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Note we are not responsable for you or anyone in your resorvation. when using our ice skates or snow shoes on property. You are responsable for letting the other person in your party know these policys.During inclament wether as the white mountains can be unprodictable at times the parking lot and walkways may get icy. Please watch your footing during the bad wether and snow storms. We do keep a clear driveway and paths in bad wether. please watch your footing when wether is bad. We do salt and sand as well as our hired plowing company.

As we have never had an issue with noise or disrespect, we do ask out of concideration of other guests that 10pm to 7am Be quiet time. (new years and superbowl sunday could get a bit noisey in the bar area or prehaps someone watching the game or ball drop in theier suite)

While accidents do happen, guests will be financially responsible for damage due to gross negligence.

• Payment for retail items, gift certificates dinner and bar purchases are collected at the time of purchase. We dont do room charges for the bar or dinner as they are 2 seperat identitys.

We do not allow dogs at this time. We have a hard time deciding what room to make dog friendley as all the guest rooms are fun and ubique in their own charecter. We do have Memphis and deacon whom roam around the comon areas sometimes but dont go into the quest rooms due to some people have allergies.They mainley live in the innkeepers quarters unless they are requested as many of guests have come to love them and spoil them. Rarley will they let out a bark. And if they were in any means a nast dog they would never be on the property. Both are rescue dogs.Memphis is 10 yers old and deacon is 2 years old. **********If you are traveling with a service or medical dog All state and doctors aproval needs to be sent over via email 72 hours before your arival. If you dont let us know or "FORGET" The licensing and doctors aproval your stay will be canceled and no refund will be issued.*************

The inn remains locked until 3pm as this is check in time. At this time due to being very short stalfed and our standard set for cleanliness of the guest rooms we need all the time to properly take care of our rooms. we only accept early check ins for weddings or family events at this time. you must let us know in advance 48 hours. sitting in the parking lot and calling is not acceptable. if you have an event to attend that is that important then you should make it a point to call us 48 hours prior. we will go back to normal protocol when all stalf is fully back. sorry for the inconvenience. so please be prepared to wait till 3. it's very difficult when we are interrupted trying to get the inn ready when we have to keep stopping. again very sorry for the inconvenience but it's nesasarry at this time. 1 out of every 10 people read their confirmation email as it does have important information about your stay. dont get angry with us because you did not read your confirmation email. thanks for understanding as we push through today's hurdles in these current times.